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Wet-Laid Non-wovens

Knowlton Technologies is a world-leader in the design, accelerated prototyping, and manufacture of wet-laid nonwovens in filtration, friction, and custom designed composite webs. Our focus is on manufacturing filled composites and high performance wet-laid nonwovens. This includes pre-pregs, pre-forms, veil media for engineered composite webs, laminate layers and functional materials for the brake, engine drive train markets as well as fluid filtration. We also offer toll saturation.

From Concept to Completion

From early concepts and accelerated prototypes, to the manufacture of wet-laid nonwovens and complex composite media structures, Knowlton possesses the expertise, experience and insight to transform technology obstacles into a new generation of commercial successes.

Precise Scientific Solutions

Solutions are engineered for product designers, fabricators of composite structures, filter builders and others who demand the most technologically advanced, structurally sound materials to create the next generation of products, broaden their markets and build barriers to competition.


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Complex Composites

Knowlton engineered composites provide lightweight, energy-saving structural integrity, increased thermal endurance, enhanced physical, electrical and chemical performance and abrasive resistence for specialty barriers, laminates and friction material.

Time Tested Results

For 200 years companies have turned to Knowlton's knowledge, technology and expertise to increase sales and profitability by helping launch technologically advanced, structurally sound products and processes for wet-laid substrates and solvent based saturated media. Look to us as your partner in providing cost-effective solutions to increase the sales growth and profitability of your company.

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