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Knowlton engineered composites provide lightweight, energy-saving structural integrity, increased thermal endurance, enhanced physical, electrical and chemical performance and abrasive resistance for specialty barriers, laminates and friction material.

We produce exotic media utilizing a host of diverse materials and fibers.  Plus, with the capability to handle additional operations (i.e.: laminations, chemical treatments, etc.), we can meet exacting customer requirements quickly and cost-effectively. Some of the many blends we use to form wet-laid non-wovens; ceramic, carbon, cellulose and synthetic fibers.

Applications such as:

Materials processed into webs, mats and veils



Non-Woody Natural Fibers

Nano Materials

Other Materials


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Malamine Formaldehyde Fiber Image

Malamine Formaldehyde

Composite Fiber Blend

Fibrillated Aramid Pulp

Composite Fiber Image


Compisite Fiber Blend



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