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When it comes to fast-track prototyping, Knowlton Technologies goes above and beyond, blending our knowledge, technology and tenacity with our creative manufacturing facilities and service commitment. We've literally transformed technology into an art form, pioneering the development, design and production of a broad range of innovative composite materials.


Hand Sheet Laboratory

Begin your prototype in Knowlton's newly commissioned development labs, the media / composite laboratory features a wide range of ingredients and instrumentation to provide the correct media mixture. The hand sheet laboratory features complete processing equipment for a successful prototype. Once the model is developed the performance test laboratory will provide clear and accurate analysis.


Paper Making Hand Lab


Pilot Paper Machine and Prototyping

Knowlton's on-site pilot paper machine is a complete prototype paper mill. With our pilot paper machine, we can test and confirm multiple concepts using as little as 300 pounds / 135 kilos to evaluate different design concepts over the course of 10–12 hours. This is a luxury not available on larger paper machines, and a unique service to design engineers, with particular emphasis on composite media and substrates.


Pilot Paper Machine


Random Corner Image


Production Equipment Available

*All specifications are "typical" not limits

From Concept to Completion

Once the prototyping process is successful Knowlton can provide all your manufacturing needs. With over 200 years of experience in the industry you will be glad you chose Knowlton to realize your vision.


Paper Stacked Rolls

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