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213 Factory Street
Watertown, N.Y. 13601
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Kirk Denny

John Crimi

Director of Sales & Product Development
Direct: 315-755-2640
Fax:    315-782-7517
E-Mail: John Crimi


Rich Barlow

Technical Service Manager

Direct: 315-755-2696

Fax:     315-782-7517

E-Mail Rich Barlow


Kirk Denny

Kirk Denny

Friction Sales Manager
Direct: 315-755-2612
Fax:    315-782-7517
E-Mail Kirk Denny


Kirk Denny

AJ Garza

Filtration / Specialty Sales Manager
Direct: 315-755-2617
Fax:    315-782-7517
E-Mail: AJ Garza


Noel Mattingly

Sales Associate

Direct: 315-755-2631

Fax:    315-782-7517

E-Mail: Noel Mattingly











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From the North

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For general information:

Joan Dowker

Executive Assistant

Direct: 315-755-2680

Fax:    315-782-7517

E-Mail: Joan Dowker



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