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Knowlton has been producing Filtration Media since 1948. Knowlton offers a highly skilled and dedicated work force. We process natural and synthetic fiber including cotton, cellulose, synthetic and glass fibers. Resin Saturation capabilities include phenolic, latex, and epoxy. Our offline saturation plant was expanded in 2002 with state of the art features, including an Air Impingement Floatation Oven.

High Efficiency Air & Liquid Filtration

Knowlton produces wet-laid non-woven filtration media - customized high efficiency, air, fluid and liquid filter media for applications including HEPA and ULPA, industrial filtration, face mask and respirator components. We process a variety of filtration media including micro-fiberglass, activated carbon, and synthetic fibers. We also offer resin saturation - including Phenolic, Latex, Epoxy, and Polymeric Resin.

Filtration Applications



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Knowlton Filtration


Knowlton Filtration



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